Oooh an update. Are you content, oh-so mysterious Miss 'M'?

Anyway, I came across God's Debris, an e-book, written (I think) by the creator of a few fairly famous comics, not the least of which is dilbert, but probably a few others too. Make sure you finish reading this before delving into it though :p. I believe I was warned not to read it if I have any belief of God, but when I read a snippet from it I couldn't resist... but anyway, I'm passing that warning to you.

Mind you, now I've read about 2/3 of it (I'm on page 101/144), I think it's interesting, and thought-invoking, but not exactly radical or belief-shaking either. Some of you might find it disturbing or whatever, depends I guess. Someone (perhaps accurately) said it seems impressive and insightful to people who don't really have much experience with thinking.

Well, I can't believe the similarities this "thought exercise" had with my thinking before I became Christian. Probability, free will, etc. Obviously not everything, but certain parts there i'm like *gasp*.

Have a read if you like, it's long, but interesting. And make sure you remember it's one guy's opinion (when he dethrones Einstein, you'll agree with me heheh).

We'll talk about it once I get the forums in. I've been lazy^H^H^H^Hbusy (geek joke: ^H is what a backspace is translated to as it's passed over some telnet connections, depending on the config). All the posting functionality, users and things have been done, but little things like how many posts have been done for each topic, and sorting by most recent posts still need doing. Oh, and I need to add the ability for user accounts to be made heh. (I added the test one manually).