I gave blood today. Those of you who have given blood before would know that you have to increase drinking habits before giving - more blood, or thins/cleans the blood I suppose. Anyway, after drinking many many glasses, I was thirstier not long after

This got me thinking how it applies to everything. I think the same is true for food, for leisure - as in, the more we play, the more we want to keep playing - and etc. Most importantly, I think it's also true with worship.

See, I went to SNL on Sunday night. Yeah I know, crazy huh? SNL on SUNDAY (yes, that's a joke). And I'm quite shocked at how much I missed it. I missed the week before because I just got back from Bundaberg, and so I hadn't been for 5 weeks or so. I was quite pumped about it afterwards - wanting more, as it were (a side note on that: If anyone knows any churches closer to me that can match (or indeed, compare to) the SNL services, let me know please).

The reverse is also true though, the less we drink, the less we want to drink. I'm guessing that's one of the main reason people stop going to church is because they miss a few (for whatever reason) and then aren't really inspired to go again, because perhaps they forgot how good it really is

So drink up the Lord! And thirst for Him more! That's my advice!

Other advice includes: Don't watch Brokeback mountain. It's the worst movie I've ever seen.

The forums are done, I've not yet put them up (and I suspect I will have major problems putting them up too, so don't get TOO excited now :p They'll be up soon