As some or all of you know, I went on a camp thing with the UQ Catholic Society last weekend - up at the sunny coast. Something headlands was the place, it was cool. I was a little reprehensive at first...not being Catholic...and not exactly trying to be either... but it was cool. No denominational arguments or doctrinal speeches, it was all just focus on Jesus. Woo!

We went down to the beach on the Saturday morning - as we were walking I looked back, and noticed the footprints in the sand. It reminded me of something dad had (not sure if he still does) aaages ago, back when church was a regular thing...

It was a little picture frame of footprints in the sand. The footprints represented this person's walk through life, and there's some dialogue in it between this person, and Jesus. My wording will suck in comparison...but the person says something like, "For a large part of my life, there are two sets of footprints, Yours and mine, but one of them stops, and I'm left to carry on alone"

Jesus replied to this, "I did not abandon you. Where it changes to one set of footprints is where I carried you."

(Sorry, my wording sucks, and I can't make it better)

Edit: Seems there's some online versions of this poem. Sigh, and my memory was doing so well. Click here for one such thing. And thank mysterious M ;-)