They happen so often that we often look over them and just see it as something that happens.

Take a look out your window now - all the trees, animals, the clouds or stars, the sun and moon - how amazing is it all? Everything you see there is a miracle. I find it hard to remember that.

Every now and then, though, one comes along that blows you away and just makes you thank God so much for it, because it's amazing, breathtaking, stunning.

If you guessed that something amazing happened recently to me that I was blown away by, you'd be right :p Most of you know I've just come back from Japan, and it was awesome. That's not the miracle I'm talking about though.

A big reason for me going to Japan was the prospect of seeing snow. When I'd heard that Tokyo had had the highest rainfall in like...years...I got all excited. We get there, and it's super cold, but nowhere near cold enough for snow. Plenty of rain, no snow.

We were going to go to Fuji-san on the first Sunday (was it Sunday? I can't remember), but didn't because the weather wouldn't have been clear enough to see it. The weather was getting warmer and warmer, so the chance of snow was getting lower and lower to accomodate that

Then one fine, overcast, on the verge of raining, Friday afternoon, we were heading from Paula's place to mine by train, we get near Higashi-Abiko station (the one before mine). I'm looking out the window and the rain isn't really looking like rain at looked like SNOW!

I saw it as a miracle, the first thing I did was thanked the Lord, because I really wasn't expecting to see any, except on the top of Mt Fuji from a distance. With the temperature increasing, chances seemed low. He gave me (us) some snow though!! See what I mean about Miracle?

The second thing I did was go to the door of the train and play with some of the falling snow. Yaay! Snow! I was excited. I even started singing... "There's snow on my jacket" is about the limit of what I remember. Those who know me well enough, me singing is a pretty major thing.

Anyway, we get off at Abiko (my station), the snowing has died down a bit, it was freezing (literally) cold, and there was snow around the place. I only got about 15mins of actual snowing, but it was awesome. Thankyou, Lord!!

Mind you, the next day we went to Fuji-san, and one of the lakes around there had a significant amount of snow on it - we were allowed to play there for a while. Yay!

That was my biggest part of Japan, something I definetely see as a miracle, because it was TOTALLY unexpected. Nothing on forecasts or anything, and it didn't even seem cold enough. Mind you, all of Japan was a miracle. I couldn't ask for anything more of Him.