Skillet - Forsaken (Lyrics)

I recall going madly in love with you
And I remember this
How could I forget?
Regret is a needle
In my neck
It's slowly filling me
With poison
Spreading to my chest

Take my pain and numb me from this

Why do I have to beg
When all that's left
Is a memory
Forsaken [2x]

I recall pledging my sole devotion to you
It reminds me how
Now I'm on my knees
My guilt consumes
Lost the will in me
Wasting away before you
Hold me closer please

No, it's not the whole song, it's most of it though (it repeats a lot :p). I guess parts of this song go on a lot about my last post (about forgiveness)

Seems the write of the song did something wrong, that they're struggling with, and they're so torn by what they've done the feel they really need to beg for forgiveness. "Regret is a needle inside my neck" - shows how bad things can really get with regret.

But the big part of it: "Why do we have to beg when all that's left is a memory?". I'm supposing that's why sins are so easily forgiven - because that's all they are; a memory.

Just a nice little though exercise :o)