"Divine Appointment" was a term introduced to me by the people down at schoolies. It's basically a word to explain those 'chance' encounters that you get which are so obviously set up by God, hence, a divine appointment (God being divine, the meeting being an appointment...yeah, I'm sure you geddit.)

So anyway, I post about this because the past week or so has been divine appointmenterific for me. Y'see, I lost my old web job at the end of last year, and was looking for a job at the start of this week. I asked Paula to pray for my job findingness, and I fired up seek.com and started clicking on tonnes of jobs and applying for them.

None of those seek jobs returned anything fruitful *sniff* BUT randomly, while Paula was checking her gmail, Kevin (a guy who we've only met twice... and not really talked to a whole heap) ended up talking to Paula on the gmail-chat thing. They talked about work for a while, Paula mentioned that I was jobless...

Luckily, I'd sent Paula a copy of my resume the day before, because Kevin asked her to send him one, and he'll see if I can get a job where he works. Long story short, I'm going in at 2pm today to suss it out, while they'll suss me out.

There was too many coincidences here to consider it as anything else BUT a divine appointment. The prayer of Paula's was happening not long before the gmail encounter. I'd just sent her my resume the day before. Kevin and Paula just happened to be on gmail at the same time, and Kevin initiated conversation that Paula wasn't even looking for. There just happened to be a job going there, and it happened to be in a language that I'm quite familiar with, having done this very website in it.

Interesting side note - the office is located in the same place as the old Uptime Southbank store. Dunno if that's a divine appointment or not, but it's very cool either way.

I've also made a new year's resolution to read the bible daily, and going well with it (though have spent a couple of late nights already due to forgetfulness). Maybe this was God's way of rewarding me, making things super easy? I can't begin to guess His reasons, though I'd imagine they have something to do with Love, and I'm grateful for it either way

Also, we went to SNL yesterday. I'd decided I was going to see if they wanted their website done up. It apparently got hacked a while back and hasn't been the same since. want proof? See their website (Note: site no longer exists. see Our Saviour Lutheran Church). Anyhoo, we got to SNL about 15mins early, and the pastor was out the front talking to people.

I thought again almost immediately "wow, another divine appointment", it was a perfect opportunity to ask him about the website stuff, and when I do, he was saying they were just talking about looking for someone to do up their website.

Wow, God, you're awesome.