So I've been working on moving engines - bigger job than I thought. I've put a state manager in, so I can easily allow the game to be paused, have a menu etc. - it adds quite a bit of polish, really. I've also put in a message dispatcher, so there's no one central hub for all messages, and components can register themselves there in order to receive messages - it makes message handling much easier, and allows me to customise input quite easily.

But as for the game itself, well I have a zombie running around in circles, and the ability to create turrets which destroys the zombie that runs around. It shouldn't be long before I have a replica of the old stuff - I only have to add zombie behaviour and scoring, really, and it's done! (ish).

In other news, I've updated the ZAMF page (Page removed) - it now includes a downloadable version. I figured there's no harm in sharing it with the world! :-)

Be sure to give me feedback by commenting here! Tell me what you'd like to see, what you'd like to not see, things to add/remove and all that, I'll do what I can :-)