Yeah... stale start, as opposed to fresh start - because I'm not going to remove any of the previous posts, but I shall be writing again!

I found it hard to keep up with a blog that was almost entirely filled with Christian posts and apologetics. If I hadn't had a particularly enthralling conversation or anything, it was very hard to write anything. And writing something when the last post is several months ago is quite difficult, so I basically stopped writing anything.

So I'm going to refocus and expand a little now. I'll still have any religious tidbits I have to share coming along, but I imagine this will have a lot more programming adventures in it.

So keep tuned :) I'll be posting again shortly.

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You know, you could always post all that stuff you’ve learnt/been talking about baptism recently. :P

Thu 07 February 2013, 17:36 AEST